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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydrology }

120.  Service connections to consumers houses, are generally provided with
A. copper pipes
B. hume pipes
C. galvanised iron pipes
D. P.V.C. pipes

121.  Sluice valves in main water supplies
A. are used to regulate the flow of water in pipes
B. are spaced about 5 km apart
C. are usually placed at the summits
D. all the above.

122.  Air inlet valve in water mains, is generally provided at
A. summit of the pipe
B. upstream of sluice valve
C. down stream of sluice valve
D. both (a) and (c) of above.

123.  The valves provided at low points of pipes to drain off water quickly under gravity, are called
A. blow off valves
B. drain valves
C. sewer valves
D. all the above.

124.  Pressure relief valves are provided in water mains
A.to reduce the pressure
B. at low points
C. upstream of sluice
D. all the above.

125.  Check valves are installed
A. on the delivery side of the pumping set
B. at the interconnections between polluted water system and a potable water system
C. both (a) and (b)
D. neither (a) nor (b).

126.  Manholes are less common in
A. cast iron pipes
B. steel pipes
C. hume steel pipes
D. R.C.C. pipes.

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