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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydrology }

85.  While selecting the location. of an intake for collecting surface water, the factor considered, is
A. The intake point should be near as far as possible to the treatment plant
B. The intake point should be in purer zone of the water source
C. The intake point should be upstream of the point of disposal of waste water
D. All the above.

86.  Gravity conduits
A. carry water under gravity
B. follow the hydraulic gradient line
C. are carried on trestles in valleys and depressions
D. All the above.

87.  Gravity conduits are generally in the form of
A. canals
B. flumes
C. aqueduct
D. all the above.

88.  A water channel supported above the ground over trestles, is generally called
A. flume
B. canal
C. adueduct
D. tunnel

89.  Aqueducts are generally designed
A. circular
B. rectangular
C. horse shoe section
D. all the above.

90.  Grade aqueducts are not allowed to run
A. full
B. -3 th full
C. full
D. th full.

91.  A ciricular gravity aqueduct is not generally preferred to because of
A. its maximum hydraulic mean depth
B. maximum area per unit of wetted perimeter
C. minimum cost of construction
D. its proper support on the ground.

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