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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydrology }

64.  If the specific capacity of a well is 0.3183 x le per sec, the discharge from a well of 4 m diameter under a depression head of 4 m, is
A. 8 litres/sec
B. 10 litres/sec
C. 12 litres/sec
D. 16 litres/sec.

65.  The most important and widely used tube well in India, is
A. strainer well
B. cavity well
C. slotted well
D. perforated pipe well.

66.  The strainer type tube well, is unsuitable for
A. coarse gravels
B. fine sandy strata
C. clean gravels
D. none of these.

67. A strainer type well sunk through three pervious layers intervened by three impervious aquicludes, draws water from
A. top most pervious layer
B. central pervious layer
C. lowest pervious layer
D. all the pervious layers.

68.  Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :
A. The flow in strainer type wells is radial
B. The flow in cavity type wells in spherical
C. In strainer, type wells, area of flow depend,s upon the length of the strainer pipe
D. In cavity type wells, area of flow depends upon the size of the cavity

69.  'Shrouding' is essentially provided in
A. strainer type wells
B. cavity type wells
C. slotted type well
D. all the above.

70.  Abyssinian tube well is a special type of
A. slotted type wells
B. cavity type wells
C. strainer type well
D. none of these.

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