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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydrology }

1.  Water supply includes
A. collection, transportation and treatment of water
B. distribution of water to consumers
C. provision of hydrants for fire fighting
D. all the above.
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2.  Per capita demand of water is calculated in litres
A. per person per day
B. per person per month
C. per person per year
D. none of these.
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3.  A city supply includes
A. domestic water demand
B. industrial and commercial water demands Cc) demand for public uses and fire
C. water losses
D. all the above.
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4.  The average domestic consumption under normal conditions in an Indian city per day per person, is
A. 105 litres
B. 115 litres
C. 125 litres
D. 135 litres
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5.  The total domestic consumption in a city water supply, is assumed
D. 60%.
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6.  While designing a water supply of an industrial township, industrial and commercial water demand of total supply, is assumed
B. 10 to 15%
C. 15 to 20%
D. 20 to 25%.
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7.  Demand for public uses in a city, does not include water required for
A. watering of public parks
B. watering of public gardens
C. sprickling on roads
D. drinking purposes.
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