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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulics }

57.  Equation of continuity of fluids is applicable only if
A. flow is steady
B. flow is compressive
C. flow is one dimensional
D. all the above.
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58.  The acceleration f required to accelerate a rectangular tank containing water horizontally so that the slope of its free surface is 45?, is
A. 6'1
B. g2
C. 2g
D. 2.5 g
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59.  On a flow net diagram, the distance between two consecutive steam lines at two successive sections are 1 cm and 0.5 cm respectively. If the velocity at the first section is 1 m/sec, the velocity at the second is
A. 1.0 m/sec
B. 0.5 m/sec
C. 2.0 m/sec
D. 2.5 m/sec
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60.  For the two dimensional flow, the stream function is given by w= 2xy. The velocity at a point (3, 4) is
A. 6 m/sec
B. 8 m/sec
C. 10 m/sec
D. 12 m/sec
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61.  The flow in which each liquid particle has a definite path and the paths of adjacent particles do not cross each other, is called
A. stream line flow
B. uniform flow
C. steady flow
D. turbulent flow.
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62.  In flow, the liquid particles may possess
A. potential energy
B. kinetic energy
C. pressure energy
D. all the above.
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63. Total head of a liquid particle in motion is the sum of
A. potential head and kinetic head
B. kinetic head and pressure head
C. potential head and pressure head
D. potential head, kinetic head and pressure head.
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