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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulics }

43. For mountaneous regions having steep slope, wagons for carrying liquid are made with bottom
A. parallel to the road surface
B. parallel to the horizontal surface
C. inclined upward while moving upwards
D. inclined downward while moving downwards.
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44. A cylindrical vessel 40 cm high is revolved about its vertical axis so that the water touches the bottom when it just spills out. If the radius of the cylinder is cm, the angular velocity of rotation, is
A. 2 rad/sec.
B. 3 rad/sec.
C. 4 rad/sec.
D. 5 rad/sec.
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45. The rise of the liquid along the walls of a revolving cylinder above the initial level, is
A. greater than the depression of the liquid at the axis of rotation
B. lesser than the depression of the liquid at the axis of rotation
C. the same as the depression of the liquid at the axis of rotation
D. none of these.
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46.  When a liquid rotates at constant angular velocity about a vertical axis of a rigid body, the pressure
A. increases linearly to its radial distance
B. varies inversely as the altitude along any vertical line
C. varies as the square of the radial distance
D. decreases as the square of the radial distance
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47. Total pressure on the top of a closed cylindrical vessesl completely filled with liquid, is directly proportional to
A. radius
B. (radius)2
D. (radius)4
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48.  A closed cylindrical vessel of 100 cm diameter and 200 cm high is completely filled with a liquid (sp. weight 1600 kg/m3) when rotated about its vertical axis at 100 r.p.m. The total pressure on its lid, is
A. 459 kg
B. 549 kg
C. 945 kg
D. 954 kg
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49. The imaginary line drawn such that the tangents at its all points indicate the direction of the velocity of the fluid particles at each point, is called
A. path line
B. stream line
C. potential line
D. streak line.
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