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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulics }

344. The discharg formula Q = Cd 42gH x A is used for rectangular
A. small orifices only
B.(8) large orifices only
C. small and large orifices only
D. for all types of orifices.
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345.  Though angle of deviation of liquid is more in internal mouth piece, the contraction of the jet, is
A. more in the internal mouth piece
B. less in the internal mouth piece
C. equal to external mouth piece
D. none of these.
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346.  The discharge through an internal mouth piece is more if its length is
A. < -2 diameter
B. < diameter
C. diameter
D. none of these.
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347. The intensity of pressure due to sudden closure of a valve of a pipe in which water flows with velocity v, is directly proportional to :
A. square root of the bulk modulus of elasticity of water
B. bulk modulus of elasticity of water
C. specific weight of water
D. none of these.
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348. The horizontal component of the force on a curved surface is equal to
A. weight of liquid vertically below the curved surface
B. force on a vetical projection of the curved surface
C. product of pressure at its centroid and the area
D. weight of liquid retained by the curved area.
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349.  In order to avoid capillary correction, the minimum diameter of a manometer used for measuring pressure, should be
A. 2 rnm
B. 4?min
C. 6 mm
D. 8 mm
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350. A spherical load 900 kg is rolled through 9.8 m across ? the deck of a ship weighing 10,000 kg. If the metacentric height of the ship is 5 metres, the angle of heel, is
A. 10? 5'
B. 10? 10'
C. 100 15'
D. 100 20'.
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