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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulics }

309. If H is height of the liquid above the sill, the effect of end contractions, according to Francis formula, is
A. 0 .1 H
B. 0.2 H
C. 0.3 H
D. 0.4 H
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310. Cappoletti weir is a
A. rectangular weir whose length is kept 3 times the height of the water above sill
B. triangular weir whose notch angle is 90?
C. trapezoidal weir, whose sides slope 1 horizontal to 2 verticals
D. a combination of rectangular and triangular weirs.
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311. The thickness of a sharp crested weir is kept less than
A. one-third of the height of water on the sill
B. one-half of the height of water on the sill
C. one-fourth of the height of water on the sill
D. two-third of the height of water on the sill
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312. Discharge over an ogee weir remains the same as that of
A. sharp crested weir
B. triangular weir
C. cippoletti weir
D. drowned weir.
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313. In an inclined pipe, the pressure difference at its two ends is due to
A. sudden head drop at inlet
B. exit head drop
C. frictional loss head
D. all the above.
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314.  To avoid vapourisation, pipe lines are laid over the ridge so that these are above the hydraulic gradient line, not more than
A. 2.4 m
B. 6.4 m
C. 10.0 m
D. 5.0 m.
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315. A syphon is used
A. to connect water reservoirs at different levels intervened by a hill
B. to supply water to a town from higher level to lower level
C. to fill up a tank with water at higher level from a lower level
D. none of these.
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