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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulics }

295.  The width of a weir with end contraction, is
A. equal to the width of the channel
B. less than the width of the channel
C. half the width of the channel
D. none of these.
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296. The upper surface of the weir over which ater flows, is known as
A. vein
B. nappe
C. sill
D. none of these.
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297. Discharge Q over a rectangular weir of length L and height H, is given by the equation
A. Q = 2/3 C d427g LFI3/ 2
B. Q = 2/3 C dL Thl2g11
C. Q = 2/3 C dH12gL2H
D. all the above.
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298.  To ensure that water does not rise more than 100 cm above the crest, for a discharge of 5.00 m3/sec, the length of water will be
A. 2.48 m
B. 2.49 m
C. 2.50 m
D. 2.51 m.
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299.  The Empirical formula Q = 0.405 ?Q for discharge over large rectangular weirs, is known as
A. Francis formula
B. Bazin formula
C. Rehbook formula
D. Kutter's formula.
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300. When water flows over a rectangular suppressed weir, the negative pressure created beneath the nappe
A. increases the discharge
B. decreases the discharge
C. does not effect the discharge
D. none of these.
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301.  When no air is left below the nappe and water stream adheres to the down stream face of the weir, it is known as 15C dai2g
A. free nappe
B. depressed nappe
C. clinging nappe
D. none of these,
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