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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulics }

239. The pressure rise due to water hammer depends upon
A. the velocity of flow of water in the pipe
B. the length of pipe
C. time taken to close the valve
D. All of above.
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240.  The maximum vacuum created at the summit of a syphon is of the internal mouth piece, the jet diameter is equal to diameter of the tube.
A. 2.7 m of water
B. 7.4 m of water
C. 5.5 m of water
D. none.
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241. For maximum power transmission through a nozzle, where h1 is the head lost due to friction.
A. hi = -2-
B. hf = ?3
C. h1= -4-
D. h1 = 6-
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242.  The dimensions MLT-2 refers to
A. specific weight
B. force
C. discharge
D. none of these.
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243. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Dimensional homogeneity means the dimensions of each term in an equation on both sides are equal
B. Dimensionally homogeneous equations are independent of the system of units
C. In dimensionally homogeneous equation, the powers of fundamental dimensions on either side of the equation are identical
D. All the above.
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244.  The ratio of inertia force of a flowing fluid and the viscous force of the liquid is called :
A. Renold's number
B. Froude's number
C. Euler's number
D. Weber's number.
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245.  For steady flow in open following does not change :
A. depth of flow
C. rate of flow
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