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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulics }

232.  An error of 1% in measuring the head of water over the crest of a triangular notch, produces an error in the discharge which is equal to
D. 2.5%.
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233.  Discharge with velocity of approach, over a rectangular 7.271. In Chezy's formula V = C vmi
A. V is the mean velocity of flow
B. m is the hydraulic mean depth
C. i is the loss of head per unit length of pipe
D. All the above.
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234. The formula Q=m xLx "I 2g x H312 where m 0.405 +0.003 was suggested by :
A. Bazin
B. Francis
C. Cipolletti
D. None of these.
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235.  The side slope of Cipolletti weir is generally kept
A. 1 to 4
B. 1 to 3
C. 1 to 2
D. 1 : 5.
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236. The discharge over a Cipolletti weir of length 2.185 m when the head over the weir is 1 m, is
A. 2.0 m3
B.b) 2.5 m3
C. 3.0 m3
D. 4.0 m3,
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237.  Total energy line is
A. pressure head
B. datum head
C. kinetic head
D. All the above
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238.  A nozzle is fitted 320 m and diameter is diameter of the nozzle power through the nozzle is
A. 2.4 cm
B. 2.5 cm
C. 2.6 cm
D. 2.7 cm.
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