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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulics }

204.  The gases are considered incompressible if Match number is
A. equal to 1.0
B. equal to 1.5
C. is more than 0.5
D. less than 0.2.
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205. Atmospheric pressure is equal to water column head of Non-Newtonian fluid Ideal plastic
A. 9.81 m
B. 5.0 m
C. 10.30 m
D. 7.5 m.
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206.  The hydrostatic force acts through
A. centre of pressure
B. centre of top edge
C. centre of bottom edge
D. metacentre.
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207. Due to decrease of diameter of the droplet, inside pressure intensity
A. increases
B. decreases
C. remains unaffected
D. None of these.
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208.  Inside pressure in a hollow soap bubble in the air is :
B. 2a
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209. Capillary rise of water is
A. directly proportional to surface tension
B. inversely proportional to water density
C. inversely proportional to diameter of the tube
D. All of these.
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210. For stable equilibrium of a floating body, its metacentre
A. coincides with centre of gravity
B. is below the centre of gravity
C. is above the centre of gravity
D. None of above.
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