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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulics }

190.  In flowing liquids pitot tubes are used measure
A. discharge
B. pressure
C. velocity
D. depth.
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191.  When two layers of a fluid separated by dy move over the other with a difference of velocity dv, , causes a shearing
A. coefficient of viscosity
B. absolute viscosity
C. dynamic viscosity
D. all the above.
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192.  The equation t = td?y for the viscosity, is suggested
A. Bernoulli
B. Newton
C. Chezy
D. Bezin
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193. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. The fluids which follow t = ?dv are known as Newtonian dy fluids
B. The fluids which do not follow the linear relationship between shear and rate of strain are known as non Newtonian fluids
C. The substances which flow after yield strains, are known as plastics
D. all the above.
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194.  An open container filled with water is moved vertically downward with a uniform linear acceleration. The pressure at its bottom will be
A. greater than static pressure
B. equal to static pressure
C. lesser than static pressure
D. none of these.
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195.  A tank 4mx 3m x2m containing an oil of specific gravity 0.83 is moved with an acceleration g/2 m-see. The ratio of the pressures at its bottom when it is moving vertically up and down, is
C. 1/2
D. 1/3.
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196. Highest dam in India, is
A. Bhakra dam
B. Hirakund dam
C. Nagarjuna Sagar dam
D. Iddiki dam
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