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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulics }

148.  In an inclined pipe, the pressure difference at its two ends is due to
A. sudden head drop at inlet
B. exit head drop
C. frictional loss head
D. elevation head
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149. To avoid vapourisation, pipe lines are laid over the ridge so that these are above the hydraulic gradient line, not more than
A. 2.4 m
B. 6.4 m
C. 10.0 m
D. 5.0 m.
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150. A syphon is used
A. to connect water reservoirs at different levels intervened by a hill
B. to supply water to a town from higher level to lower level
C. to fill up a tank with water at higher level from a lower level
D. none of these.
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151. To avoid an interruption in the flow of a syphon, an air vessel is provided
A. at the inlet
B. at the outlet
C. at the summit
D. at any point between intet and outlet.
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152. For a long pipe, the head loss
A. at the entrance is ignored
B. at the outlet is ignored
C. at the entrance and outlet both are ignored
D. due to friction is ignored.
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153.  For solving network problems of pipes, necessary condition is
A. continuity equation
B. energy equation
C. Darcy-Weisbach equation
D. all the above.
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154.  Power transmitted through a pipe is maximum when friction head loss, is
A. one-half of the total head supplied
B. one-third of the total head supplied
C. one-fouth of the total head supplied
D. equal to the total head supplied.
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