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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulics }

8. If the volume of a liquid weighing 3000 kg is 4 cubic metres, 0.75 is its
A. specific weight
B. specific mass
C. specific gravity
D. none of these.
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9. In C.G.S. system the unit of visocity is
A. dyne
B. joule
C. poise
D. Newton
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10.  In Newton's viscosity equation n = ?du , the coefficient dy(g) is known as coefficient of
A. viscosity
B. absolute viscosity
C. dynamic viscosity
D. all the above.
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11. Water belongs to
A. Newtonian fluids
B. non-Newtonian fluids
C. compressible fluid
D. none of these.
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12.  In C.G.S. system the units of kinematic viscosity, is
A. stoke
B. poise
C. Newton
D. none of these.
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13. Kinematic viscosity of liquids by equation V = 0.0022 t 1.8.t is determined by :
A. Redwood viscometer
B. Engler viscometer
C. Saybolt universal viscometer
D. None of these.
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14. Fluids change the volume under external presssure due to
A. plasticity
B. viscosity
C. compressibility
D. none of these.
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