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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Hydraulics }

113. The instrument used for measuring the velocity of flow, is known as
A. venturimeter
B. orifice meter
C. pitot tube
D. none of these.
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114. An orifice is an opening in a vessel with
A. closed perimeter of regular shape through which water flows
B. the water level of the liquid on the up stream side is below the top of the orifice
C. partially full flow
D. prolonged sides having length of 2 to 3 diameters of the opening in thick wall.
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115.  The height of water level in a tank above the centre of a circular hole 2.5 cm in diameter is 50 m. The velocity of water flowing through the hole, is
A. 31.1 m/sec
B. 31.2 m/sec
C. 31.3 m/sec
D. 31.4 m/sec.
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116.  Hydraulic coefficient of an orifice means the coefficient of
A. velocity
B. contraction
C. resistance
D. all the above.
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117.  If Cv, Cc, Cd and Cr are the hydraulic coefficients of an orifice, then
A. Cd = Cc. C,
B. Cr = 1 + Co21Cd
C. C = C0 + Cd
D. Cc = CulCd.
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118. If vr and 1)2 are the velocities of flow before and after sudden enlargement in a pipe, the head loss given by Carnot and Borda equation, is
A. (1)22 - v 12)/2g
B. (v - v2)2I2g
C. (v2 - v 1)2/2g
D. (v + v2)2/2g.
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119.  Apipe of 0.1 m2 cross sectional area suddenly enlarges to 0.3 inz cross-sectional area. If the discharge of the pipe is 0.3 m3/sec, the head loss is
A. 2g m of water
B. g/2 m of water
C. ig m of water
D. 4 m of water.
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