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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

50. Raising of outer edge of a road with respect to inner edge, is known
A. super elevation
B. cant
C. banking
D. all the above.

51. If no super elevation is provided on a road along curves, pot holes may develop at
A. inner edge of the road
B. outer edge of the read
C. centre of the road
D. no where on the road.

52. The advantage of providing super-elevation on roads, is
A. higher speed of vehicles
B. increased volume of traffic
C. reduced maintenance cost of the roads
D. all the above.

53.  If the width of carriage way is 12.5 metres, outer edge 50 cm higher than the inner edge, the required super elevation is
A. 50 cm
B. 1 in 25
C. 1 in, 400
D. 1 in 40

54.  To ensure that bullock carts may not overturn on curves, the maximum value of super-elevation, recommended by I.R.C., is
A. 1 in 10
B. 1 in 12
C. 1 in 15
D. 1 in 20

55.  For a comfortable travel on Highways, the centrifugal ratio should not exceed

56. The most commonly adopted method to provide super-elevation on roads, is by pivoting the road surface about
A. outer edge so that the inner edge is lowered
B. crown so that outer edge is raised and inner edge is lowered
C. inner edge so that outer edge is raised
D. none of these.

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