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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

43.  An exceptional grade may be provided upto 1 in 12 along hill roads, if the length does not exceed
A. 45 m per km
B. 60 m per krn
C. 75 m per lure
D. 90 m per lun

44.  On the recommendations of Indian Road Congress, the ruling gradient in plains, is
A. 1 in 15
B. 1 in 20
C. 1 in 30
D. 1 in 45

45. The steepest gradient permitted on roads which, in ordinary conditions, does not exceed, is known
A. ruling gradient
B. maximum gradient
C. exceptional gradient
D. floating gradient

46. Any gradient on a road is said to be an exceptional gradient, if it is
A. more than ruling gradient
B. less than average gradient
C. more than floating gradient
D. less than minimum gradient or more than maximum gradient.

47. Floating gradients are generally provided
A. along maximum gradients
B. along minimum gradients
C. at summit curves
D. at valley curves

48.  If A is the projected area of a vehicle in square metres,V is speed of the vehicles in kilometres per hour and C is a constant, then the wind resistance R to the moving vehicles, is given by
A. R = C AV
B. R = C AV2
C. R C AV3

49. For a properly designed vehicle, the resistance generally ignored, is
A. wind resistance
B. rolling resistance
C. grade resistance
D. axle resistance

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