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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

36.  Camber in pavements is provided by
A. straight line method
B. parabola method
C. straight at the edges and parabolic at the crown
D. all the above.
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37. On a pavement with parabolic camber, the angle of inclination of the vehicles will be
A. more at the crown
B. less at the edges
C. more at the elges
D. same at the edges as well as at the crown
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38.  The camber on pavements, is provided by
A. straight line method
B. parabolic method
C. straight line and parabolic at crown
D. elliptical method
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39.  If the elevations along a road increase, the slope of the road along the longitudinal direction, is known as
A. gradient
B. grade
C. positive grade
D. negative grade.
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40. Three points, A, B and C 500 in apart on a straight road have 500 m, 505 m and 510 m as their reduced levels. The road is said to have
A. no gradient between A and C
B. a positive gradient between A and C
C. a negative gradient between A and C
D. a positive gradient between A and B followed by a negative gradient between B to C.
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41. The best compromise between the increase of the length of a highway and reduction in its load carrying capacity, is the ruling gradient
A. 1 in 10
B. 1 in 15
C. 1 in 20
D. 1 in 25
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42.  Reduction of load capacity in a ruling gradient of
A. 1 in 10, is 10%
B. 1 in 15, is 15%
C. 1 in 20, is 10%
D. 1 in 25, is 25%
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