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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

274. The maximum number of passenger cars than can pass a given point on a road way during one hourunderthe most ideal roadway and traffic conditions, is called
A. Possible capacity
B. Basic capacity
C. Practical capacity
D. None of these.
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275. Assuming the reaction time t for a speed of 80 km per hour, as 2.50 seconds, then, the reaction distance is
A. 36 metres
B. 46 metres
C. 56 metres
D. 66 metres
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276. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Number of vehicles per lane per hour of the green light interval is called street capacity
B. Reaction distance is equal to 0.28 Vt metres. The green light signal at the signalised junctions for main road is kept 30 secs.
C. The number of cars passing any point on the road x. V 1000 during one hour per lane is Spacing
D. All the above.
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277. The overall travel speed is obtained from the distance covered by overall travel time including
A. running time
B. all stops and delays on the road way
C. excluding the delays due to stoppage off the roadway
D. All the above.
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278. On two lane highways where the width is ofthe order of 7 metres or more, the following type of road camber is suitable.
A. simple parabolic camber
B. single straight line on either side of the central line of road
C. combination of a prabolic cap at the centre and straight line onthe sides
D. two straigth lines on each side of the centre line.
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279.  The stopping sight distance in which a vehicle can be brought to a stop, depends upon:
A. brake efficiency
B. grade of the road way
C. speed of vehicles
D. All the above.
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280.  Pick up the correct statement from the following V2
A. Braking distance ?250 ji
B. Reaction distance =0.28 Vt
C. Stopping sight distance .(a) adn (b)
D. All the above.
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