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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

22. The width of the right of war in urban area, is kept between 24 m to 60 m for
A. National Highways
B. State Highways
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of these.
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23.  The pavement width of a road depends upon
A. terrain
B. type of traffic
C. number of lanes
D. all the above.
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24.  The traffic carrying capacity of a single lane, depends on
A. type of the)rehicles
B. level crossings
C. road intesections
D. all the above.
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25.  According to Highway Research Board of U.S.A. practical land width, is
A. 2.7 m
B. 3.0 m
C. 3.3 m
D. 3.6,m
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26. The width of pavement in addition to a gravelled berm 1 in on either side for a two directional traffic recommended Nagpur Conference of Chief Engineers, is
A. 4.7 m
B.-, 5.7 m
C. 6.7 m
D. 7 .7 m
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27.  If the number of lanes on the carriageway of a road is more than two, the total width of lane ways is equal to 3.0 m
A. + 0.60 m
B. + 0.70 m (c) + 0.80 m
C. + 0.90 m
D. + 1.50 m.
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28. Concrete pavement is provided if daily traffic per lane exceeds
A. 500 tonnes
B. 750 tonnes
C. 1000 tonnes
D. 1250 tonnes
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