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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

267. The total value of extra widening required at a horizontal curve on a two lane hill road of radius 42 m for a design speed of 50 kmph and for vehicles with wheel base 6 na, is
A. 0.500 m
B. 0.589 m
C. 1.089 m
D. 0.089 m.
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268. The number of vehicles moving in a specified direction on a roadway that pass a given point during specified unit of time, is called
A. traffic volume
B. traffic density
C. basic capacity
D. traffic capacity.
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269. The length of the side of warning sign boards of roads is
A. 30 cm
B. 40 cm
C. 45 cm
D. 50 cm.
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270. Enoscope is used to determine
A. spot speed
B. average speed
C. travel time
D. none of these.
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271. The traffic manoeuvre means
A. diverging
B. merging
C. crossing
D. all the above,
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272. Pick up the correct definition from the following :
A. The average number of vehicles per day passing on a section of the road during a year is called Average Daily Traffic (ADT)
B. A traffic volume higher than the volume during most of the hours in a year, is called hourly volume
C. The highest hourly traffic is called peak hour traffic
D. All the above
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273. If the normal traffic growth is 50%, the generated traffic is 20%, the development traffic is 40%, according to an origin 4.nd destination survey on a section of State Highway in 195 10,000 the future ADT (2000) is :
D. None of these.
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