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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

260.  While designing hair pin bends on higways, the minimum
A. designed speed is 20 k/hr (b) gradient is 1 in 40
B.(c) gradient is 1 in 200
C. superelevations is 1 in 10
D. All the above.
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261.  In case of a hair pin bend of a highway,
A. minimum radius of inner curve is 14 m
B. minimum radius of transition is 15 m
C. circular compound curve may be provided
D. All the above.
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262. When a number of hair pin bends are introduced, a minimum intervening distance in between is kept
A. 20 m
B. 40 m
C. 60 m
D. 100 m.
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263.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. During reconnaissance, the general route of the alignment is selected
B. After reconnaissance, a trace is cut for the alignment
C. Last stage is the detailed surveys for desired geometries of the highway
D. All the above.
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264.  Reference pillars fixed on the centre line of a proposed road, provide the following infra
A. reduced distance (R.D.)
B. horizontal distance of road from the centre line
C. reduced level at the top of pillar
D. all the above.
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265.  The safestopping sight distance D, may be computed from the equation
A. D = 0.278 Vt + 254f
B. D = 0.254 Vt + -
C.- D= 0.254 Vt +225f
D. D ? 0.225 Vt +254f
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266.  A district road with a bituminous pavement has a horizontal curve of 1000 m for a design speed of 75 km ph, The super-elevation is
A. 1 in 40
B. 1 in 50
C. 1 in 60
D. 1 in 70
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