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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

218.  A subsidiary area in a carriageway placed so as to control the movement of the traffic, is
A. median strip
B. island
C. flower bed
D. refuge.
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219. The total length of a valley formed by two gradients ? 3% and + 2% curve between the two tangent points to provide a rate of change of centrifugal acceleration 0.6 misec2. for a design speed 100 km ph, is
A. 16.0 m
B. 42.3 m
C. 84.6 m
D. none of these.
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220. Extra widening required at a horizontal curve on a single lane hill road of radius 80 In for a design speed of 50 km ph and for a vehicle with wheel base 6.0 m is
A. 0.225 m
B. 0.589 m
C. 1.250 m
D. none of these.
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221. In a braking test, a vehicle travelling at 36 km ph was stopped at a braking distance of 8.0 m. The average value of the vehicle's skid resistance (friction coefficient) is
D. none of these.
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222. The absolute minimum radius of horizontal curve for a design speed 60 km ph is
A. 131 m
B. 210 m
C. 360 m
D. none of these.
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223. The absolute minimum sight distance required for stopping a vehicle moving with a speed of 80 km ph, is
A. 120 m
B. 200 m
C. 640 m
D. none of these.
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224. Over taking time required for a vehicle with design speed 50 km ph and overtaking acceleration 1.25 m/sec2 to overtake a vehicle moving at a speed 30 km ph, is
A. 5.0 secs
B. 6.12 secs
C. 225.48 secs
D. 30 secs.
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