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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

204.  At a road junction, 7 cross conflict points are severe if
A. both are one-way roads
B. both are two-way roads
C. one is two-way road and other is one-way road
D. none of these.
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205.  To prevent a head-on-collision of vehicles travelling in opposite directions along four-lane roads
A. markings on the road are provided
B. physical dividers are provided
C. area dividers are provided
D. medians of wide area are provided
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206.  Longitudinal pavement lines marked broken in white paint
A. are for the guidance of the drivers
B. are not to be crossed over
C. may be crossed over at the discretion of the driver
D. all the above.
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207. Road makers along roads from the edge of a kerb should not be less than
A. 40 cm
B. 45 cm
C. 50 cm
D. 60 cm.
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208.  From the point of tangency before an intersection, the route markers are fixed at a distance of
A.15 m to 30 m
B. 20 m to 35 m
C. 40 m to 50 m
D. 100 m to 150.
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209. Along high ways confirmatory route markers are generally fixed
A. before the crossing on the left side
B. after the crossing on the left side
C. before the crossing on the right side
D. after the crossing on the right side.
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210. The top height of a route marker above crown level is
A. 1.50 m
B. 1.75 m
C. 2.00 m
D. 2.25 m.
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