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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

197.  If the velocity of moving vehicles on a road is 24 km/per hour, stopping distance is 19 metres and average length of vehicles is 6 metres, the basic capacity of lane, is
A. 500 vehicles per hour
B. 700 vehicles per hour
C. 1000 vehicles per hour
D. 1250 vehicles per hour.
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198.  Customers prefer parking of their vehicles at
A. 900 to aisles
B. 85? to aisles
C. 80? to aisles
D. 75? to aisles
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199.  If brakes of vehicles are effective, the vehicle-running at 30 km/hour comes to a stop in
A. 10 metres
B. 12 metres
C. 15 metres
D. 18 metres.
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200. The head light of vehicles should be such that its lower beam illuminates objects at
A. 10 m
B. 20 m
C. 30 m
D. 40 m
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201. In case of a multi-lane road, overtaking is generally permitted
A. from right
B. from left
C. from both sides right and left
D. not at all.
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202. One-way streets are generally provided in crowded cities as, these
A. are inexpensive means of traffic flow
B. reduce delays to vehicles
C. permit higher speed
D. all the above.
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203. At a road junction, 16 cross conflict points are severe,if
A. both are one-way roads
B. both are two-way roads
C. one is two-way road and other is one-way road
D. none of these.
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