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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

190.  Volume of traffic which is due to improvement carried out in adjacent area, is known as
A. development traffic
B. generated traffic growth
C. normal traffic growth
D. current traffic.
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191. Volume of traffic which would immediately use a new road or an improved one when opened to traffic, is known
A. development traffic
B. current traffic
C. general traffic
D. normal traffic growth.
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192.  If P is the number of vehicles per day at last census, r is the increase in traffic and n is the number of years passed after last census, number of vehicles A per day for design, is
A. P (1-+ r)n
B. P(1 ? rr
C. P(1 +71-4+5
D. P (1 + r)5n
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193.  If present A.D.T. is 5000 vehicles and annual increase is 10%, the average future flow after 5 years will be
A. 6050 vehicles
B. 7050 vehicles
C. 8050 vehicles
D. 9050 vehicles.
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194.  Maximum number of passenger cars that can pass a given point on a road during one hour under the most ideal road way and traffic conditions, is known as
A. traffic density
B. basic capacity of traffic lane
C. possible capacity of traffic lane
D. all the above.
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195.  Maximum number of vehicles that can pass a given point on a lane during one hour without creating unreasonable delay, is known as
A. traffic density of lane
B. basic capacity of lane
C. probable capacity of lane
D. practical capacity of lane.
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196.  If C is basic capacity per lane, V is velocity in km/hour, S is stopping distance plus length of the vehicles in metres, the formula C =1000v.is applicable to
A. district roads
B. two lane roads
C. 2 lane roads in 1 direction
D. none of these.
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