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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

176. Minimum permissible speed on high speed roads, is decided on the basis of
A. 15 percentile cumulative frequency
B. 20 percentile cumulative frequency
C. 30 percentile cumulative frequency
D. 40 percentile cumulative frequency.
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177. On most smooth hard surfaced roads, rolling resistance to moving vehicles, ranges from
A. 5 kg to 7 kg/tonne
B. 7 kg to 9 kg/tone
C. 9 kg to 11 kg/tonne
D. 11 kg to 13 kg/tone
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178. Gradient resistance of moving vehicles along down slopes, is
A. + 7 kg/tonne
B. + 9 kg/tone
C. - 9 kg/tonne
D. - 7 kg/tonne.
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179.  The maximum comfortable retardation applied to moving vehicles, is
A. 3.42 m/sec2
B. 4.42 m/sec2
C. 5.56 m/sec2
D. 7.80 m/sec2
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180.  The distance travelled by revolving the wheel of a vehicle more than its circumferential movement, is known as
A. slip
B. skid
C. neither (a) nor (b)
D. both (a) and (b).
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181.  Along horizontal curves, if centrifugal force exceeds lateral friction, vehicles may
A. skid
B. slip
C. not be affected
D. none of these.
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182.  Driving vehicles on wet surfaced roads, is dangerous because it may
A. skid
B. slip
C. overturn
D. all the above.
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