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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

169.  Design of highways is based on
A. axle loads
B. axle spacings
C. wheel bases
D. all the above.
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170.  Width of vehicles affects the width of
A. lanes
B. shoulders
C. parking spaces
D. all the above.
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171.  Length of vehicles does not affect
A. extra widening
B. minimum radius of turning
C. passing sight distance
D. width of shoulders
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172.  The weight of vehicles affects
A. pavement thickness
B. ruling gradient
C. limiting gradient
D. all the above.
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173. If L metres is the distance between extreme axles of a vehicle, its gross load should not exceed
A. 1525 (L + 4.3)-- 14.7 L2
B. 1526 (L + 5.3)-- 14.7 L2
C. 1525 (L + 6.3)-- 14.7 L2
D. 1525 (L + 7.3)-- 14.7 L2
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174. Design of horizontal and vertical alignments, super-elevation, sight distance and grades, is worst affected by
A. width of the vehicle
B. length of the vehicle,
C. height of the vehicle
D. speed of the vehicle.
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175.  Speed regulations on roads is decided on the basis of
A. 60 percentile cumulative frequency
B. 75 percentile cumulative frequency
C. 80 percentile cumulative frequency
D. 85 percentile cumulative frequency.
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