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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

155. Area of steel required per metre width of pavement for a length of 20 m for design wheel load 6300 kg and permissible stress in steel 1400 kg/cm2, is
A. .70 kg/sq cm
B. 80 kg/sq cm
C. 90 kg/sq cm
D. 100 kg/sq cm.
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156.  Pavement is said to be flexible if it contains
A. water bound macadam surface
B. stabilised soil base constructed of lime cement or tar
C. bitumen-bound stone layer of varying aggregates
D. all the above.
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157. Design of flexible pavement, involves
A. wheel loads
B. intensity of traffic
C. climate of the region
D. sub-grade conditions
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158.  Design of flexible pavements is based on ,
A. mathematical analysis
B. empirical formulae
C. a compromise of pure theory and pure empirical formula
D. none of these.
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159. California Bearing Ratio method of designing flexible pavements is more accurate as it involves
A. characteristics of soils
B. traffic intensities
C. character of the road making materials
D. none of these.
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160. Following type of pavement is generally known as flexible pavement
A. water-bound macadam roads
B. stabilised soil roads
C. road constructed with various layers of building material well compacted
D. all the above.
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161. Bottom-most component of a flexible pavenrient,
A. subgrade
B. sub-base
C. base
D. base course,
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