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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

141. For the design of cement concrete pavement for corner loading, Indian Road Congress recommends the use of
A. Westergard's formula
B. Kelly's formula
C. Goldbeck's formula
D. Picker's formula.
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142. If d is the economic designed depth of a slab, the thickness of the cement concrete pavement slab at interior, is kept
A. 1.275 d
B. 1.125 d
C. 0.85 d
D. 0.75 d
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143. Reinforcement in cement concrete slab of road pavements, is placed
A. longitudinally
B. transversely
C. longitudinally and transversely
D. in the form of welded wire mesh
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144. Depth of reinforcement below the surface of a concrete pavement, is generally kept
A. 5 cm
B. 6 cm
C. 7 cm
D. 8 cm
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145.  In welded wire mesh, the longitudinal wire is placed at
A. 10 cm centres
B. 15 cm centres
C. 20 cm centres
D. 25 cm centres
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146. To prevent compressive stresses in a rigid concrete pavement, the joint prvoided, is
A. expansion joint
B. contraction joint
C. hinged joint
D. all the above.
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147. If the width of a pavement slab is 7.5 m, thickness 20 cm and working stress 1400 kg/crn2, spacing of 10 mm tie bars for the longitudinal joint, is
A. 10 cm
B. 20 cm
C. 30 cm
D. 40 cm
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