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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

8.  The inventor of road making as a building science, was
A. Sully
B. Tresguet
C. Telford
D. Macadam.
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9. The road foundation for modern highways construction, was developed by
A. Tresguet
B. Telford
C. Macadam
D. Telford and Macadam simultaneously.
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10.  The head of public works department of any Indian state, is
A. Transport Minister
B. Chief Engineer
C. Superintending Engineer
D. Executive Engineer.
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11.  An Executive Engineer of roads, executes works under direct control of
A. Superintending Enginee
B. Secretary to the Govt.
C. Chief Engineer
D. None of these.
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12.  For Indian conditions, the water bound macadam roads, are suitable if daily traffic does not exceed
A. 2000 tonnes
B. 2500 tonnes
C. 3000 tonnes
D. 3500 tonnes.
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13.  Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :
A. Tresguet did not provide the top camber for the drainage of surface water
B. Tresguet provided the top camber for the drainage of surface water
C. Telford provided two layers of stones in the central 5.4 m width and one layer was provided on the sides
D. Macadam provided a camber to the formation at the dug-up state, to drain percolated water.
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14. The statement, regarding the size of stones used at the wearing surface. "The size of a stone used on a road must be in due proportion to the space occupied by a wheel of ordinary dimensions on a smooth level surface. The point of contact will found to be longitudinal about 2.5 cm and every piece of stone put into the road which exceeds 2.5 cm in any of its dimension is mischievious" was made by
A. Telford
B. Macadam
C. Treaguet
D. Sully.
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