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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

99.  During last phase of the reconnaissance, details of the grade line is recorded on 2 metre poles to indicate
A. direction of the proposed alignment
B. distance between the previous and forward pegs
C. relative elevations of pegs
D. all the above.

100.  The gradients of trace cuts for hilly roads, are kept
A. equal to ruling gradient
B. 10 tO 20 per cent easier than ruling gradients
C. 10 to 20 per cent steeper than ruling gradients
D. none of these.

101.  Deviation of the alignment of a trace cut may be permitted in areas involving
A. land slides
B. sand dunes
C. dense jungles
D. none of these.

102.  First operation during the detailed survey of a hill road, is
A. hydrological and soil surveys
B. adjustment of alignment along with curves
C. derivation of longitudinal and cross-sections
D. fixation of Bench Marks

103. ck up the correct statement from the following :
A. Detailed,survey is carried out for a strip of land about 15 m on either side of the trace cut along straight portions
B. Detailed survey is carried out for a strip of land about 30-in at sharp curves
C. Levels are taken along the trace cut at an interval of 20
D. All the above.

104.  According to IRC : 52-1973, for a single lane National Highway in hilly region,
A. with of the carriageway must be 3.75 m
B. shoulders on either side must be 1.25 m
C. total width of the road-way must be 6.25 m
D. total of the above.

105.  The usual width of parapet walls along Highways in hilly region, is
A. 50 cm
B. 60 cm
C. 70 cm
D. 80 cm

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