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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

92. Shoulders for high traffic volume roads, should
A. be stable throughout the year to be used by vehicles in the case of emergency
B. support and protect the ends of carriage ways
C. not allow entrance of water to sub-grade
D. all the above.

93.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Safety fences are provided on either side of a roadway if embankments are in excess of 6 metres
B. Safety fences are provided on outside of the curves of radii less than 750 m if the embankments are between 3 metres and 6 metres
C. Guard stones are provided at 2.5 metres intervals if embankments are between 1.6 metres to 3 metres
D. All the above.

94.  Border Roads Organisation for hilly regions, was formed in

95. Alignment of highways in hilly regions, is decided on
A. long stretch of very hard cutting
B. number of river crossings
C. natural unstable areas
D. all the above.

96. The first stage of deciding the alignment of a hill road, is
A. reconnaissance
B. detailed survey
C. trace-out
D. preliminary survey.

97.  Reconnaissance is best done with the help of
A. aerial photographic survey
B. condastral surveys
C. topographical surveys'
D. triangulation surveys

98.  Selection of the routes, of highways depends upon
A. feasibility of attaining ruling gradient
B. avoidance of cutting hard rocks
C. minimum number of bridges
D. all the above.

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