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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

85.  If the radius of a main curve is 300 m and length of the transition curve is 100 m, the angle with tangent to locate the junction point, is
A. 1?-11?
B. 2?-11?
C. 3?-11?
D. 4?-11'.
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86. Setting out of Lemniscate transition curves, is done with
A. perpendicular offsets
B. radial offsets
C. deflection angles
D. polar deflection angles,
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87.  If R is the radius of a main circular curve, is the angle of deflection and a is the polar deflection angle of any point, its radial distance is
A. 3 R Alsin A/3 sin 2a
B. 3 R -Jsin A/2 sin 3a
C. 3 R 'sin A/3 sin a/2
D. 3 R'/sin 2A sin a.
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88.  The width of the right of way, is influenced by
A. formation width
B. shoulders or berms
C. classification of road
D. all the above.
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89.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Borrow pits are located out side the right of way
B. Borrow pits may be located on either side of the right of way
C. Spoil bank is located on one side of the right of way
D. All the above.
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90. The width of road pavements, depends upon
A. width of traffic lane
B. number of traffic
C. width of median strip
D. all the above.
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91. For a 6.6 m wide two lane pavement, berms are provided on either side having a width of
A. 1.00 m
B. 1.25 m
C. 1.50 m
D. 1.75 m
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