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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Highway Engineering }

78. The ratio of maximum deviation angle and maximum polar deflection angle of a Lemniscate curve, is

79.  The maximum radial distance of a Lemniscate curve, having maximum polar angle a, is
A. 3 R sin a
B. 3 R sin2 a
C. 3 R sin 2a
D. 3 R sin 0;12

80.  If a Lemniscate curve having an angle of deflection A, is transitional throughout, the maximum polar angle is
A. A/2
C. A/4
D. 6.16.

81.  In a right angle bend of a road provided with a transition throughout, the maxi-mum polar angle will be
B. 15?
C. 20?

82.  If a Lemniscate curve of transition throughout is introduced to connect two parallel roads, the maximum polar angle of the curve, is
A. 10?
B. 15?
C. 20?
D. 30?

83. If R is the radius of a main curve and L is the length of the transition curve, the shift of the curve, is
A. L/24 R
B. L2124 R
C. L3124 R
D. L4/24 R

84.  If L is the length of the transition curves provided on either side of a circular curve of radius R, the maximum angle of deflection with tangent for the junctions of the transition curve and circular curve, is
A. L I R
B. L I 2R '
D. none of these.

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