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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Estimating And Costing }

43.  Pick up the correct statement from the following : All pipes and fittings are classified according to their diameters
A. The diameter of the pipes is the nominal diameter of internal bore
B. All pipes are measured along the centre line of the pipes in metres
C. Lead caulked joints are enumerated separately
D. All the above.

44. Pick up the correct statement in case of water supply.
A. Pipes laid in trenches and pipes fixed to walls are measured separately
B. Cutting through walls and floors are included with the item
C. Pipes are classified according to their sizes and quality
D. All the above.

45. Size, capacity and materials need be specified for
A. Bib-cocks
B. Stop-cocks
C. Ferrules
D. All the above.

46.  In case of laying gullies, siphons, intercepting traps, the cost includes
A. Setting and laying
B. Bed concreting
C. Connection to drains
D. All of these.

47. Cost of fittings and their fixing is specified for the following sanitary fittings
A. Water closets
B. Flushing pipes
C. Lavatary basins
D. All the above.

48.  The quantity of lean concrete (1 : 4: 8) for the surface drain mentioned in Q. 23.48 is
A. 0.225 cum
B. 0.230 cum
C. 0.235 cum
D. 0.240 cum.

49.  The surface area of the brick wall of 10 cm thickness of the drain specified in Q. 23.48 is
A. 2.1 sq m
B. 2.5 sq m
C. 2.7 sq m
D. 3.1 sq m.

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