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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Estimating And Costing }

15.  The rate of payment is made for 100 cu m (per % cu m) in case of
A. Earth work in excavation
B. Rock cutting
C. Excavation in trenches for foundation
D. All the above.

16. The brick work is not measured in cu m in case of
A. One or more than one brick wall
B. Brick work in arches
C. Reinforced brick work
D. Half brick wall.

17.  The brick work is measured in sq metre, in case of
A. Honey comb brick work
B. Brick flat soling
C. Half brick walls or the partition
D. All the above.

18. The measurement is made in square metre in case of
A. Cement concrete in foundation
B. R.C.C. structure
C. Hollow concrete block wall
D. None of these.

19. The measurement is not made in square metres in case of
A. D.P.C. (Damp proof course)
B. Form works
C. Concrete Jaffries
D. R.C. Chhajja.

20. The measurement is made for stone work in square metre in case of
A. Wall facing
B. Columns, lintels, copings
C. Dressed stones in Chajja
D. (a) and of the above.

21.  The unit of measurement is per quintal for the follo ing :
A. Collapsible gates with rails
B. Rolling shutters
C. Expanded metal wire netting
D. M.S. reinforcement of R.C.C. works.

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