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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Estimating And Costing }

1. The most reliable estiamte is
A. Detailed estimate
B. Preliminary estimate
C. Plinth area estimate
D. Cube rate estimate
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2. Pick up the item of work not included in the plinth area estimate
A. Wall thickness
B. Room area
C. Verandah area
D. Courtyard area.
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3. Due to change in price level, a revised estimate is prepared if the sanctioned estimate exceeds
D. 5.0%.
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4. The main factor to be considered while preparing a detailed estimate, is
A. Quantity of the materials
B. Availability of materials
C. Transportation of materials
D. All the above.
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5. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. The incidental expenses of a miscellaneous character which Could not be predicted during preparation of the estimate, is called contingencies
B. Additional supervising staff engaged at work site, is called work charged establishment
C. Detailed specifications specify qualities, quantities and the proportions of materials to be used for a particular item
D. All the above.
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6.  For the construction of buildings, the subheads of the estimate are
A. Earthwork, Concrete work, Brick work
B. Brickwork, Stone work, Roofing
C. Brickwork Flooring, Wood work, Steel work
D. All the above.
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7. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :
A. The built up covered area at the floor level of any storey of a building is called plinth area
B. The usable covered area of the rooms of any storey of a building is called carpet area
C. The carpet area of a building along with area of its kitchen, pantry, store, lavatory, bath room and glazed verandah, is called floor area
D. None of these.
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