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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Environmental Engineering }

57.  The ratio of the diameter of a circular section and the side of a square section hydraulically equivalent, is
D. 1.065.

58.  The width of a rectangular sewer is twice its depth while discharging 1.5 misec. The width of the sewer is
A. 0.68 m
B. 0.88 m
C. 1.36 m
D. 1.76 m.

59.  Maximum permissible velocity 1.5 rn/sec, is adopted in drains
A. with beds of rocks and gravels
B. lined with stones
C. both A and B
D. neither A nor B.

60.  For the open drain (N = 0.025) shown in Fig. 9.1, the discharge is
A. 26.88 cumecs
B. 27.88 cumecs
C. 28.88 cumecs
D. 29.88 cumecs.

61.  For trunk and out-fall, the type of sewers generally used, is
A. standard egg shaped
B. circular shaped
C. horse shoe shaped
D. parabolic shaped

62.  The pressure exerted by
A. the sewage when running full from inside, is called internal pressure
B. the internal pressure if any, causes tensile stress in the pipe material
C. pressure sewers are designed to be safe in tension
D. All the above.

63.  A sewer running partially full and hurried with back filled, fails in compression due to
A. weight of the pipe
B. weight of the back fill
C. superimposed traffic loads
D. all the above,

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