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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Environmental Engineering }

316. Which one of the following does not require treatment before its disposal
A. storm sewage
B. domestic sewage
C. Industrial sewage
D. All the above.
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317.  The following are the components of a sewerage system 1. Main sewers 2. Outfall sewers 3. Lateral sewers 4. House sewers 5. Branch sewers. Pick up the correct occurrence of these components from the following
A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
B. 4, 1, 2, 3, 5
C. 4, 3, 5,1,2
D. 5,4,1,2,3
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318.  The complete treatement of the original contaminated sewage is done in the following order sewage is done in the following order before allowing is to be discharged directly into the natural drainage system
A. Screening, sedimentation, oxidation, sludge digestion, disinfection
B. Disinfection, sedimentation, sludge digestion, screening oxidation
C. Oxidation, sludge digestion, disinfection, screening sedimentation
D. Sludge digestion, sedimentation, screening oxidation.
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319.  %?...- of per capita water demand in litres/day/person is assumed as per capita sewage produced in litres/day/person.
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320. The sizes of sewers are generally designed for carrying the computed maximum hourly flows, running
A. ?2 full
B. rd full
C. ?3th full
D. -4th full
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321. Assuming L as the length of over land flow in kilometers from the critical point to the mouth of the drain, and H the total fall of level, then the time of concentration
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322. While laying of the sewer pipes, an offset line parallel to the proposed alignment of the sewer line is set out on the ground at a distance of (1th trench width) plus
A. 0.2 m
B. 0.4 m
C. 0.6 m
D. 1.0 m
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