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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Environmental Engineering }

211. House connections to the laterals is generally made by
A. R.C.C.
B. P.C.C.
C. Cast iron
D. Glazed stonewares.
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212.  Which one of the following resists hydrogen sulphide corrosion
A. R.C.C.
B. Glazed stone wares
C. Asbestos cement
D. Glazed ware.
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213. Which one of the following tests is used for esting sewer pipes :
A. water test
B. ball test
C. mirror test
D. all of these.
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214.  Sewer manholes are generally provided at
A. the change of gradient
B. the change of direction
C. the junctions of sewers
D. all of these.
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215.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. The boning rod is used for checking the levels of the sewer inverts
B. Manhole covers are made circular for the convenience of the cleaning staff
C. A manhole is classified as deep manhole if its depth is more than 1.5 m
D. All the above.
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216.  The maximum spacing of manholes specified by Indian standard in sewers upto 0.3 in diameter is than 0.6 m
A. 20 m
B. 30 in
C. 45 m
D. 75 m.
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217. The arrangement made for passing the sewer line below an obstruction below the hydraulic gradient lines called
A. inverted syphon
B. depressed sewer
C. sag pipe
D. all of these.
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