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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Environmental Engineering }

8. Before discharging the foul sewage into rivers, it is generally treated by
A. screening
B. sedimentation
C. oxidation
D. all the above.

9. The sewers
A. must be of adequate size to avoid over flow must flow under gravity l to g full 2 4
B.must be laid at least 2 to 3 m deep to collect water from the basements
C. all the above.

10.  R.M.O. expenses include
A. running expenses
B. maintenance expenses
C. operation expenses
D. all the above.

11.  For design of sewers, percentage of sewage discharge is assumed
A. 65 to 70%
B. 70 to 75%
C. 75 to 80%
D. 85%.

12. Design period of 40 to 50 years is adopted for
A. branch sewers
B. main sewers
C. trunk sewers
D. all the above.

13.  The design period in years for pumping plants, is
B. 2 to 3
C. 3 to 5
D. 5 to 10.

14. The ratio of maximum sewage flow to average sewage flow for trunk mains having diameters more than 1.25 m, is
D. 4.0.

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