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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Economics }

36. Which method is adopted to develop an approximate or conceptual estimate for perimeter works for buildings from the followings:
A. Based unit method
B. Cost per function method
C. Cost per square metre method
D. Cost per linear metre method
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37. The estimate based on a detailed quantity survey and furnishers the most accurate and reliable estimate possible is known as
A. Conceptual estimate
B. Definitive estimate
C. Probabilistic estimate
D. None of these
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38. The estimate for definitive estimates must be able :
A. and an all-around construction expert.
B. to read the plans and specifications to determine accurate quantities of permanent materials and installed equipment.
C. to express the job material requirements in dimensions suitable for costing and construction supplies,
D. None of these
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39. The key to profitable operation for project cost control, is
A. To keep the project cost equal to original cost estimate,
B. To keep the project cost equal to subsequent construction budget.
C. To keep the project cost within the cost budget and knowing when and where job costs are deviating.
D. None of these
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40. Pick up the main purpose of project cost control from the following :
A. To signal immediate warning of uneconomic operations
B. To provide a feed back to the estimator
C. To promote cost consciousness
D. All of these
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41. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. The financial ratio summarises some aspect of the firm's financial condition at the time of preparing a balance sheet.
B. Both the numerator and denominator of financial ratios come directly from the balance sheet.
C. Income statement ratios compare one 'flow' item from the income statement to another flow item from the income statement.
D. All of these
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42. Pick up the ratio which gives us sufficient information by which to judge the financial condition and performance of the firm, from the following :
A. Liquidity ratio
B. Financial leverage ratio
C. Activity ratio
D. None of these
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