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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Engineering Economics }

29. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Ratio analysis is the procedure of determining and interpreting numerical relationship of various items of the financial statement.
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30. Which one of the following is not a construction estimate?
A. Initial feasibility estimate
B. Conceptual preliminary budget
C. Definite estimate
D. None of these
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31. Keeping in view, the feasibility order of magnitude, the preliminary, conceptual or budget estimates, are prepared by:
A. architect/engineer
B. construction manager
C. owner himself/herself
D. construction manager
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32. Probabilistic estimating of a construction project includes :
A. Labour
B. Productivity
C. wage scale
D. All of these
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33. Which one of the following questions is relevant to the construction estimates :
A. Did the estimators precisely evaluate site conditions ?
B. Did the estimators use short cut methods which may be unrealistic in their situation ?
C. how much money will be contractor's is, loosing if he were to submit bid on the raw estimate of cost.
D. All of these
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34. Pick up the correct reason for making conceptual (or preliminary) estimate from the following :
A. To have a check on a definitive cost estimate,
B. To check qoutations from contractors and/or sub contractors,
C. To compute target estimate for the owner while drawings and specifications are in initial stage
D. All of these,
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35. Pick up the correct method adopted for developing the approximate or conceptual estimates from the following :
A. Based unit method
B. Cost per function method
C. Cost per square metre
D. All of these
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