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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Elements Of Remote Sensing }

15. Which one of the following frequency regions is a part of sun's radiation?
A. Ultraviolet frequency region
B. Visible frequency region
C. Infrared frequency region
D. All of these
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16. The maximum sun's radiation occurs around:
A. 0.4 pm wave length
B. 0.55 pm wave length
C. 0.7 pm wave length
D. None of these
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17. All bodies at temperatures above absolute zero degree emit electromagnetic radiation at different wave length, is known as:
A. Plank's law
B. Planktan's law
C. Lambert's cosine law
D. None of these
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18. Which one of the following statements is correct?
A. During the day, earth reflects solar radiation
B. During the day earth reflects both solar radiation the emission from its surface
C. During the night, earth emits radiation from its surface
D. All of these
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19. Which one of the following is incorrect statement? While passing through the atmosphere, the solar radiation,
A. remains unaffected
B. gets scattered
C. gets absorbed partially
D. None of these
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20. The maximum absorption of solar radiation due to ozone occurs at wave lengths:
A. shorter than 0 3 pm
B. shorter than 0.2 pm
C. greater than 0.3 pm
D. None of these
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21. The spectral region of the electromagnetic radiation which passes through the atmosphere without much attenuation is known as:
A. ozone hole
B. atmospheric window
C. ozone window
D. black hole
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