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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Elements Of Remote Sensing }

134. Which one of the following parameters is accurate for DGPS.
A. Positional accuracies - 1 - 2 m if rover is less than 1-2 km from the reference station
B. Positional accuracies - 2 - 5 m if rover is less than 2-5 fm from the reference station
C. Positional accuracies - 5 - 10 m if rover is less than 5-10 km from reference station
D. Positional accuracies - 5 - 10 m if rover is less than 25 km.
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135. GPS has been widely recognized as accurate, fast and cost-effective method for the following :
A. Collection of the geographic coordinate data used in GIS
B. for movement of navigation
C. For determination of precise orbit and altitude of low earth orbiting satellites
D. All of these
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136. Geodimeter is based on :
A. propogation of modulated light waves
B. propogation of infrared radiation
C. the visible light as carrier with frequency of the order of 5 x 1014Hz
D. high frequency radio waves.
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137. The object of photo-intepretation is:
A. identification
B. recognition of objects
C. judging the significance of objects
D. All of these
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138. Orbital radius of GPS satellites is approximately :
A. 15,200 km
B. 26,600 km
C. 18;400 km
D. 36,000 km
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139. The range measurements in GPS are made with :
A. 3 L - band frequencies
B. 2L - band frequencies
C. 2 C - band frequencies
D. 3 C - band frequencies
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140. Which one of the following statement is correct ?
A. Radiant energy expressed in Joules, is the energy associated with electromagnetic radiation
B. The rate of transfer of radiant energy is called flux and is expressed in watts.
C. The radiant energy which falls upon a surface, is termed as irradiance.
D. All of these
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