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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Elements Of Remote Sensing }

127. The code based GPS receivers are generally used for:
A. Vehicle tracking
B. Land navigation Cartography
C. Trans movement
D. All of these
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128. For accurate position fix, the three satellites :
A. must be along a common arc
B. must be in vertical line above the receiver
C. must be widely separated and well distributed
D. must be such that one satellite is overhead of the receiver and other two widely separated
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129. Due to pertubation of the orbit, satellite orbit parameters are frequently updated on measurements carried out by its
A. six ground stations
B. five ground stations
C. four ground stations
D. three ground stations
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130. The various stages occuring in GPS system are described below :1, Generation of an output to the user2. Detection of the GPS signal3. Processing the data in the built-in-computer4. Decoding the GPS signal.The correct sequence of the stages is :
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131. The most widely used antenna in GPS is
A. Parabolid antenna
B. Microstrip antenna
C. Horn antenna
D. Slotted antenna
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132. Which one of the following residual biases involves the GPS accuracy ?
A. Satellite dependent baises due to uncertainty in the orbital parameters of the satellite.
B. Receiver-depandent biases due to clock stability with line
C. Signal propagation baises due to the sphere and troposphere propogation.
D. All the above
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133. DGPS is based on the concept that bais errors in the position of locations in a given local area, are same if their distances are within
A. 25 km
B. 50 km
C. 75 km
D. 100 km
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