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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Elements Of Remote Sensing }

120. Pick up the correct definition from the following with response to GIS.
A. Common boundry between two areas of a locality is known as adjacency.
B. The area features which are wholly contained within another area feature, is known so containment.
C. The geometric property which describes the linkage between line features is defined as connectivity.
D. All of these.
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121. The GPS space segment consists of Navigation Satellite Timing and Ranging whose number is :
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122. The normal altitude of GPS satellite is about
A. 16, 200 km
B. 20, 200 km
C. 24 400 km
D. 36, 100 km
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123. Which one of the following statements is correct regarding the GPS satellites ?
A. The nominal altitude is about 20, 200 km
B. The inclination of axis satellite is 55?
C. The satellite transmits two L band signals (Li with 1575.42 MHz and L2 with 1276.6 MPT^)
D. All of these
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124. Which one of the following statements is correct ?
A. Each satellite of the GPS system transmits two L band signals.
B. The two L band signals are modulated by the Pseudorandom binary codes (PN).
C. The GPS receiver reads the specific code of the satellite.
D. All of these
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125. In GPS, receivers are used are :
A. electronic clocks
B. atomic clocks
C. quartz clocks
D. mechanical clocks
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126. For obtaining accurate distance of the satellite
A. the GPS receiver slides its codes backwards until it synchronises with the satellite signals
B. the signal arrival time is corrected for tropospheric and ionospheric delays
C. the carrier phase measurement technique is adopted
D. All of these
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