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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Elements Of Remote Sensing }

92. The main functional blocks of a multispectral scanner (MSS) are given below :1. Video processor2. Dispersive system3. Detector4. Signal conditioner5. Collecting opticsWhich one of the following sequences is correct?

93. Spatial variation in horizontal and vertical directions, is caused due to :
A. physical weathering of rocks
B. chemical weathering of rocks
C. biological weathering of rocks
D. All of these

94. Which one the following is a correct statement ?
A. The vertical section of the soil extending into the parent material, is called profile
B. The layers of the soil parallel to the earth surface, are called horizons.
C. The transitional layer between two adjoining horizons, is called boundary:
D. All of these

95. Snow cover on the earth surface :
A. gives the highest reflectance in the visible spectrum
B. shows marked variation in its reflectance characteristics
C. Shows side variation in the grain size
D. All the above

96. Formation of snow occurs if the cloud temperature is
A. just above the freezing point
B. at the freezing point
C. below the freezing point
D. None of these

97. The various stages of formation of snow are listed below :1. Formation of ice crystals2. Formation of snow pallets3. Formation of snow flakes4. Formationof snow crystals5. Formation of rimed crystalsWhich one of the following sequences is correct ?

98. Snow consists of
A. snow crystals
B. rimed snow crystals
C. snow flakes
D. All of these

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